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Intimacy Part 2

I would like to introduce to you my best friend, the person of the Holy Spirit. Before we go any further you must know Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Evidence of your relationship and your love for Him is evident by you keeping His Commandments. Learning of Him and His love for you


What is Intimacy? It means to LEARN: There are three different categories of intimacy, this is because we are made in the image of God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit and we ourselves have a spirit, mind and body. Intimacy is coming close to someone by getting to know them. Who they are when no one’s

Love 101

Although the scholar’s named four different types of Love: Agape, Eros, Phileo and Storge, I will suggest that they are merely Buildings Love is the foundation of every relationship, if it is a relationship at all. There are not different kinds of love, but different kinds of structures. What we build on it determines what


To understand friendship: we must understand what it’s not, to understand what it is. This generation has made friend a dirty word. To be friends is not to be sexual partners, but you can be both. Yet friendship stands alone just fine. Friendship is not just between males or just females: as a female you

Opening Doors

It is said that the “eyes are the windows to the soul”, they are our biggest doors. Now you are old enough to understand what to do and not to do. Young People it’s time to open your eyes to see God’s love; Father God speaks to us out of his love for us. He