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The Gift of YOU:

Un-Wrapping the Gift that is You Who you can become determines whether you un-wrap the so wonderfully wrapped Gift that God intents you to be. The first part of this Gift can only be found in Jesus. His character and unwavering love must be your foundation. His relationship with Father God was key to His

January: The Ultimate Relationship

The Ultimate Relationship: the very reason you were created was to have relationship with Father God, in fact we all were created for this purpose. Connecting with your Creator (Father God) is connecting to your destiny. Beginning the search for who you are and what your destiny is can stop right here. Now you can


Choices: Control or be Controlled Its between you and you. Here is the time you will decide. First things first, Love is not SEX. From eleven to thirteen it depends when it all begins. Young Lady: The time has come for you to see the pain of blood dropping down from thee. This is the

Now My Eyes Can See:

Now My Eyes Can See: Breaking it Now my eyes can see Making it Guess who I’ve chosen Jesus Christ, who died just for me You need to know He’s not frozen Want have to sip Don’t have to trip Yes I propose The same for you No He want doze Wait to you see

Loving you:

Loving you: Above all including your mother and father you have the love of the creator Father God. He created you to be your very own unique person. You were not created to be a human clone. Tattoos: are called idiot tags by the authorities that be, because they not only identify you, but they

Images In The Mirror:

Images In The Mirror: Who in the mirror do I see staring back at me. My gaze is hazing Its not me who can it be Refection detections Who is this image in the mirror I do see Now its clear, its you that I see staring back at me. Tip tap I’m trapped Snap

The bullies in your life:

The bullies in your life: Sometimes bullies can be disguised as boyfriends or girlfriends if they are pressuring you to have sex. Believe it or not, being celibate (not having sex) is freedom. Its freedom from diseases (aids, hiv, and the rest), having babies before its time and being stuck with your baby daddy or


Pressurized Pressurized by society Who should I be, what should I be. Pressurized You got me mesmerized Running round, who am I, who am I Pressurized Who are you, that I should follow you? Pressurized Pressurized Your speech,  confusing: bulling, and hazing Pressurized Texting, sexing and messing Screen-A-Sized You stab me, and jab me, Now