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Adventure to the Gift of me:

Behind every door There is so much more So discover what’s under the cover Inventor of something or just maybe a preventer of something Famous for toast or maybe just a great host Whatever the beam it will be scene Faith is the force that causes me to stay the course Here’s the time to


The Gift of YOU:

Un-Wrapping the Gift that is You Who you can become determines whether you un-wrap the so wonderfully wrapped Gift that God intents you to be. The first part of this Gift can only be found in Jesus. His character and unwavering love must be your foundation. His relationship with Father God was key to His

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Who is this Holy Spirit?

Alone in my room I wait to see Someone is hear but it can’t be Tenderly His touch came to me Now I am totally free Alone we sat so intimately as He reveals so much to me I’m so happy to know who I was created to be Suddenly He’s more real to me

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Intimacy Part 2

I would like to introduce to you my best friend, the person of the Holy Spirit. Before we go any further you must know Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Evidence of your relationship and your love for Him is evident by you keeping His Commandments. Learning of Him and His love for you

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Time Time how have you spent your time? For the time is just about to chime With all this Hate, there is no debate Present crime shows us it’s near time It’s Late and at this rate, time will be on a dime Tough we may not know the date; we do know it’s late

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What is Intimacy? It means to LEARN: There are three different categories of intimacy, this is because we are made in the image of God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit and we ourselves have a spirit, mind and body. Intimacy is coming close to someone by getting to know them. Who they are when no one’s

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The Day is dawn and all Hope seems gone. The Nation’s station is on probation We need motivation with correlation to the one who knows. The Bible is liable; Now we can cope for it is HOPE A fate with a new date WOW! This book just took us back to the fact that God

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Love 101

Although the scholar’s named four different types of Love: Agape, Eros, Phileo and Storge, I will suggest that they are merely Buildings Love is the foundation of every relationship, if it is a relationship at all. There are not different kinds of love, but different kinds of structures. What we build on it determines what

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The Colors of LOVE

Love seeks all Love is first there at the time need Love is giving without the need to receive Love steps back; yet waits with open arms Love doesn’t have to understand Love speaks loud even until the point of death Love is faithful Love wears blinders Love is freedom Love is always ready to

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To understand friendship: we must understand what it’s not, to understand what it is. This generation has made friend a dirty word. To be friends is not to be sexual partners, but you can be both. Yet friendship stands alone just fine. Friendship is not just between males or just females: as a female you

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Seeing you see Hearing you hear You’re not perceiving, what you’re receiving Its not just passing fads, are something to be glad Blood oaths are no joke Drip Drop you’ve just been locked You’ve been deceived so pray for reprieve Your Doors Your Chores  

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Opening Doors

It is said that the “eyes are the windows to the soul”, they are our biggest doors. Now you are old enough to understand what to do and not to do. Young People it’s time to open your eyes to see God’s love; Father God speaks to us out of his love for us. He

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Hi – Jacked

Sneaking, Shacking and Back Packing Snack Jacking, Soul Packing, Unpack before you get Jacked satan is on the fly You can’t survive he’s to sly Give your soul to the only One That shows Love that can’t be controlled It Flows It Flows It Flows, Crimson Flows Its the only road that Freedom Holds There’s

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Gray Gray: So many Shades of Gray Gray Gray: In between Black and White Tick Tock: Don’t be Shocked Gray Gray: Old Gloom and Doom Gray Gray: You Fray Gray Gray: Oh no the dray I would that you were hot or cold, you being gray hell is a place you gray must face. Hey

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Everlasting Love

I Have An Everlasting Love for You: If You ask its not a task, Forgive You is what I will do! Though you may be weak and it looks bleak, There’s always hope and that’s no joke. Dare to Dawn for my thoughts of you will carry you through. To Live just Give all in

June: Teen Means In Between

Teen means in Between

Teen means in Between Being a teen means being in the middle. You are not a child and you are not an adult yet. Yet you have earned the right to make some decisions, but your decisions or based on what you have been taught or what you have heard. Most times what you hear