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Why Celibacy?

Why Celibacy?
Celibacy Like is counterpart Marriage is divine armor. We must Consider both Celibacy and Marriage as being married. You really are married to the person you were chosen to marry, yes the perfect person for you. Remember this, whether you are male or female God will tell you who you are to marry because He knows your beginning to your end. So don’t be pushed into Marring someone that doesn’t belong to you. I will leave you with this: if you cannot be faithful to God than you will not be faithful to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. Nor will they be faithful to you if they are not faithful to God. Self-control is an amplifier of your character. It is to be desired about LOOKS, MONEY, FAME, JOBS, and NAMES
Stick to the Plan.
The other side of this is the world of diseases: aids, hiv, the heps, herpes, abuse, and heartbreak = death
Its never to late to begin: Repentance with a sincere heart, just turn and do the right thing.